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MakMak has been at the forefront of exciting collaborations, partnering with a range of renowned businesses to create unique and enticing macaron experiences.

Collaborations with:

  • Jocelyn Proust - macarons featuring Jocelyn's Australian native illustrations
  • Toby’s Estate  - created five exclusive macaron flavours paired to coffee blends for International Coffee Day
  • GH Mumm Rose - developed a limited edition branded macaron for 
  • Bailey’s - commissioned to create two infused macarons for Mother’s Day
  • Swatch - macaron tennis balls created for Swatch to celebrate a limited edition  Roland Garros watch
  • BuffaloVale - paired macarons and mini wattleseed cookies to Revent spirit 

MakMak's collaborations have consistently pushed the boundaries of macaron artistry, bringing together flavours, designs, and brands in innovative and unique ways. For collaborations and enquiries, please contact Founder, Carlos Heng

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    MakMak x Jocelyn Proust Tea Towel Collaboration
    MakMak x Jocelyn Proust Tea Towel Collaboration
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    MakMak is collaborating with Jocelyn Proust with a unique gift offering.

    The package includes:

    • 1 x box of 4 macarons with Jocelyn's beautiful Australian Native Eucalyptus design applied to MakMak's Vanilla and Salted Caramel macarons. The macarons are presented in a clear box, showcasing the intricate designs.
    • 1 x cotton/linen blend tea towel featuring the Australian Native Eucalyptus illustration. The tea towel is hemmed all the way round and measures approximately 48cm x 70cm. Enjoy the beautiful artwork in your kitchen or home.
    This gift package would make a perfect choice for various occasions such as birthdays, housewarmings, Mother's Day, or simply as a treat for yourself.