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Box of 10 Christmas Macarons

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We've drawn inspiration from holiday indulgences to craft a box of 10 macarons, each offering a unique Christmas twist.

  • White peppermint & vanilla (GF) - Candy canes with a creamy white chocolate vanilla finish

  • Pineapple, cranberry splice - Cranberry & redcurrant ganache with a tart pineapple centre

  • Coconut, rum & raisin (GF) - Toasted coconut ganache with a rich rum & raisin centre

  • Pecan nut caramel (GF) - Luscious caramel with a nutty pecan butter

  • Baileys, Biscoff & Milk Chocolate (GF) - Belgian milk chocolate ganache with a centre of Baileys & Biscoff


Box of 10 Christmas MacaronsBox of 10 Christmas MacaronsBox of 10 Christmas Macarons